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Financial Consultant – Etobicoke, Ontario

Position Title: Financial Consultant

Salary: 100% Commission + Bonus

Company Description:

Investors Group Inc. is a Canadian leader in providing personal financial planning services, and is dedicated to building lasting client relationships. Our primary objective is to help Canadians plan for financial security by providing quality financial planning advice and products through a network of Consultants.

Investors Group continues to be:
•a national leader in delivering personalized financial solutions to more than one million Canadians, with mutual fund assets under management of approximately $52 billion;
•one of the country's largest distributors of insurance products through the relationship with our sister company The Great-West Life Assurance Company and other national and international insurers; and
•among Canada's top mortgage administrators.

-Job Description-

 ***Compensation structure: 100% Commission + Bonus ***

 *self-employed

 Meeting with potential individual clients through your own personal marketing
and: clients how to build and manage their financial wealth and security;
2.develop a customized financial plan for clients; clients select the products to implement the plan
4.provide clients with ongoing personalized service

 Investors Group financial products include:
Mutual funds, various investment products including Registered Retirement
Savings Plans(RRSP), Registered Retirement Income Funds, Deferred Profit
Sharing Plans, life and disability insurance, Guaranteed Investment
Certificates, and mortgages.

 This position is suitable for you if you:
- are looking for a position in financial industry
- enjoy working independently
- want to be an entrepreneur, but with a lot of support and bonuses
- are goal oriented and people oriented person
- want to have flexible work hours
- enjoy continuous learning

 ***Qualification***
- Our consultants are from various backgrounds. We would welcome all
candidates who strongly feel Financial Consultant position is the right
position for them.
- If you have already completed CSC and IFIC, that would be perfect for the
position. Your hiring process would be much faster.

 Hiring Process:
1. Three interviews
2. Completing a course (takes about 3-4 weeks)
3. Four weeks training (paid)

***If you are interested in applying for the position,
please send your resume to:

You can also find more about the position on our company website:

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