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Financial Consultant – Moncton, New Brunswick

What is the role of an Investors Group Financial Services Consultant?

As an Investors Group Consultant, you can build a prosperous and successful business by helping clients achieve their financial goals. To give you a sense of the role and its responsibilities, here is an overview of the key areas to focus.

In your day-to-day activities, you

- understand the mission and core values Investors Group: integrity, quality, and responsiveness
- are professional and ethical in all business transactions
- comply with Investors Group's Consultant Agreement, policies and procedures, and industry rules and regulations
- work closely with your Division Director, Regional Director, and Investors Group for mutual success

In the management of your business, you

- follow the business plan you have prepared, continually evaluate your results, and rework the plan to align with personal and company objectives
- develop a sales strategy, including identifying and setting objectives and monitoring a disciplined activites plan
- obtain and maintain all necessary licenses and registrations that enable you to distribute Investors Group products and services

In marketing your business, you

- develop, implement, and monitor a marketing plan to identify and approrach potential clients
- seek promotional activities that will have a positive impact on your personal business goals and on Investors Group
- network in your community and develop centres of influence

As part of your on going professional development, you

- have attained or are working toward your Certified Financial Planner ( CFP ) designation
- participate in Investors Group and external training programs, conferences, and seminars
- upgrade and enhance your skills and knowledge as products, services, and regulations change
- identify your strengths and areas that require development
- are affiliated with industry organizations and read business publications

In your financial planning work for clients, you

- follow the Investors Group Business Discipline model while focusing on financial planning services
- provide ongoing, comprehensive financial planning services for clients' short- and long term goals
- review and monitor clients' financial plans by linking clients' needs to Investors Group products and services
- review and monitor clients' financial plans and discuss progress with them on an ongoing basis
- develop a communication plan with clients to identify what, when, and how they prefer to receive information on Investors Group products and services and financial markets
- inform clients about financial planning trends, changes, and legislation that may affect financial plans
- meet and exceed client expectations by being reliable and responsive to individuals' needs

Division Director
1255 Main Street
Moncton NB E1C 1H9
Phone: (506) 857-8055 ext 244
Fax: (506)858-9368

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