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Medical Billing – Sugar Land, Texas

The position primarily involves collections of past due invoices previously billed to insurance companies located in all 50 states. Previous experience in this line of work is an absolute must! Individual needs to be familiar with current billing codes for HCFA (government) forms, and procedures, and be capable of attending to the daily, regularly changing, codes and billable amounts which are deemed "Reasonable and Necessary" in each of the 50 states. Individual needs to not only be self-motivated, but must also receive instruction and constuctive criticism well. (No "Know-It-All's", and no highly defensive people need apply). Although this describes the primary position we are looking to fill at the company, the individual will also be cross-trained, to be prepared to perform a number of different tasks required on a daily basis such as answering phones and taking orders for new business, maintaining current business, filling orders, and being prepared to do whatever is asked of them. We are interested in interviewing candidates who are more concerned with how they can be an asset to the company, and how their talents can best be utilized, rather than whether or not they will receive benefits, and how many "sick-days" they are allowed, and if they get paid for holidays, etc.

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