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Lead Generation Specialist – Arden Hills, Minnesota

About InTouch

InTouch is a provider of sales-ready
leads to companies that sell something complex to other businesses. We contact all of our client's prospects to identify which companies would be a fit to sell to and are sales-ready. Our Lead Generation Specialist's generate these sales-ready leads for our client's with the help of a great support team.

Job Description

The Lead Generation Specialist position is mainly a communications position and performs teleprospecting functions for our clients. It will utilize your professional communication, your research and interviewing skills, as well as your marketing and sales skills. The Lead Generation Specialist (LGS) calls companies across the US (and sometimes Canada) and talks to professionals about their business needs and initiatives. They identify who the most appropriate decision maker is in the company (usually a director, VP or even C-Level) by speaking with multiple company representatives. They then initiate a conversation with the decision maker to introduce our client's products & services, educate the decision maker on what value our client has to offer, asks many questions of the decision maker and their business and then decides if the company would be a good fit for our client's to sell to. When they have identified a sales-ready lead, it gets passed along to our client's sales team and they sell from there.

The LGS's use the phone and email to communicate with the companies that are assigned to them in the database. After each contact that they make with the company, they document the result of each call, update the database and type clear and concise notes.

There are also a number of meetings for the LGS to attend and actively participate in such as client meetings (usually via conference call), team meetings and company meetings.


* High School diploma or equivalent required.
* Some college preferred.
* Outbound business-to-business phone marketing or sales experience preferred.
* Basic computer skills such as Microsoft Outlook and Window as well as typing skills
* Great verbal and written communication skills
* Ability to navigate corporate structures to identify decision makers and determine buying process.
* Ability to be assertive and persuasive without being aggressive.
* Active listening skills.
* Ability to learn quickly and think quickly.
* Inquisitive nature.
* Life-long learner who loves learning about anything.
* Self-reliant and reliable.

Working Conditions

Comfortable & casual cubical office environment using a phone and a computer for 8 hours a day. Located in the Country Insurance building at 2 Pine Tree Drive, Arden Hills, MN 55112.

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