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Sales – Multiple Locations, Minnesota

BankCherokee is focused on being the best community bank in town. We have the best employees and we value the competence, creativity and teamwork they contribute to our success. We are growing our business and our team by building relationships where people feel welcomed, engaged and significant. You can be an essential piece to 'being the best'.

About Us

We have been in business since 1908 and are owned by the Gesell family from Saint Paul. CEO, Heidi Gesell and Vice President, Andy Gesell are third generation owners who are here working with us each day.

BankCherokee has 6 branch locations and an operations center. There are nearly 100 employees. Some of our employees have been here for more than 25 years and some have joined us recently. Our turnover rate is lower than industry standards and we promote from within.
Our Values

We define ourselves as values based, family oriented, and community focused. Honesty, integrity and respect are the foundation of our organization. Our achievements are grounded in the competence, creativity and teamwork of our employees.

What We Expect

We look for employees interested in:

* Creating an outstanding Customer Experience.
* Demonstrating a commitment to Teamwork.
* Focusing efforts on achieving Results.
* Demonstrating Competence.
* Providing a Professional experience.

What Employees Say

“Banking is really a ‘people’ business. It is about relationships, and it takes people to build those relationships. This career allows me to make the best of my skills, especially in ‘people’ development.” - Heidi Gesell, CEO

“I love working for an organization that strives to improve the customer experience”. - Jan

I have had the pleasure of being employed by BankCherokee since March 2002. At the time I wanted to work for a bank with a great reputation for giving back to the community. Through projects such as tax preparation for low-income households, Paint-A-Thon, Habitat for Humanity, Gifts of Hope, financial literacy and the BankCherokee food shelf at Neighborhood House, I have seen enormous benefits to both the community and the organization. I take great pride in the small part I play, but even greater pride when I am asked, ‘where do you work?’ and my response is “BankCherokee.” - Bill

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