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The Cleveland Company, Inc.

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Customer Service / Sales Support Coordinator – Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Cleveland Company works closely with clients to help employees financially survive the current trend that increasingly exposes them to new and difficult challenges. This requires families to be ever more involved in their financial decision making process - and ultimately in need of education and direction.

We have been an industry leader in the Twin Cities for over 25 years. We value long term relationships with our clients and are well-respected by the carriers.

Our distinct specialty is creating success stories in this challenging, complex world of employee benefits. We serve real people with real problems by working closely with employers who care about their employees.

A Unique Approach

The Cleveland Company began as an employee benefits consulting firm that helps employers create a caring culture.

We are seasoned professionals who understand that employers are faced with the biggest challenge in years: how to continue to offer a quality employee benefits program, yet help employees navigate their additional financial responsibilities.

Providing education and support for the financial security of our clients and their employees are the essentials of creating an effective culture of care.

Client Snapshot

* Approximately 350 businesses
* Businesses ranging in size from 2-2,000 employees
* A wide variety of industries: medical, legal, manufacturing, printing, technology, finance, research and engineering

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