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Food Production – Glendale, Colorado

smashburger is currently searching for enthusiastic, energetic people to join our team.

If you are interested in an exciting position with smashburger, please apply online.

Not long ago, people ate lots of ordinary burgers. At the time, these burgers were perfectly acceptable. They were inexpensive, satisfied the appetite, and tasted much better than many of the other foods that people were eating then. Plenty of burger places were opened... even table service restaurants began offering burgers ... and they were all selling billions and billions.

But there were a few true lovers of great burgers who were searching for some-thing more. They were not satisfied with those ordinary burgers. A few of these burger lovers decided to design the very best-tasting, juiciest, most fulfilling burger ever, no matter how difficult the task.

The search began with the beef, of course. After tasting hundreds of cuts and types of beef, they selected Certified Black Angus Steak, the quality level that defines only 8% of all beef. The beef had to be fresh-never-frozen smashed on the grill to seal in all the beefy flavor, and cooked to juicy perfection. The name smashburger was a natural.

Once the ideal beef was selected--in one-third and one-half pound sizes they turned to the bun. Of all the buns in the world, there were three different flavors that all made the smashburger taste terrific. That's why you get a choice of a butter toasted egg bun, multi-grain or spicy chipotle with your smashburger.

Then there was the matter of cheeses, toppings and condiments to consider. Since they all had different favorites, they realized that the exact combination of real cheeses, fresh produce and robust, quality condiments should be left to each individual burger lover. At smashburger, the choices are endless, so you can have your burger just the way you like it.

The Best Burger You Ever Tasted is here at smashburger. Come try it and you'll agree that all the effort was well worth while smashburger... created by burger lovers for burger lovers

smashburger created by burger lovers for burger lovers

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